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Researchers of the Month in 2021

  1. Mats Fridlund – research related to digital history
  2. Emmi Lahti – rhetoric and discourse studies
  3. Heikki Rasilo – speech production and its learning mechanisms
  4. Gwenaëlle Bauvois – research related to right-wing populism, countermedia, reinformation, hybrid media and post-truth
  5. Mila Oiva – Cultural History
  6. Karita Suomalainen – interactional linguistics
  7. Olli Kuparinen – variation and change in spoken Finnish
  8. Okko Räsänen – computational modeling of infant language development
  9. Juho Leinonen – automatic speech recognition, speech alignment and chatbots
  10. Veronika Laippala – large language resources and computational methods
  11. Mikko Kurimo – automatic speech recognition
  12. Jutta Salminen – expressing negation in Finnish

All previous researchers of the month can be found in the archive.

Do you know researchers who use the Language Bank of Finland and who might be good candidates for Researcher of the Month? Would you be one of them? Inform us:

Updates to resource-specific licenses and data protection terms and conditions

The resource-specific license terms and conditions will be updated in the near future. The most prominent change is that resource-specific data protection terms and conditions will be included in the licenses of those resources that contain personal data. Information about the license updates will be published on the Language Bank website. Read more about what to expect:

New corpora in 2021

Those corpora that were previously available via the LAT platform (discontinued in 2020) have been moved to the download service. The content of the downloadable corpora is essentially the same as in LAT, and the samples can be studied with, e.g., Praat or ELAN. At a later stage, we intend to make some speech corpora accessible via Korp as well. The current status and access location of each corpus can be seen on its metadata record and on the page of the resource group in question.

Would you like to offer your own resource to be distributed via Kielipankki?

Submit the basic details about your own resource to the Language Bank of Finland:

New: Resource group pages

A given resource may be available as several different versions or variants that are provided for different purposes. The new resource group pages provide an overview of all the available versions. Read more

Korp will be updated soon

The official Korp update has been postponed until January. However, many of the new features and improvements can already be tested in Korplab. Your feedback is welcome! Read more

New Aalto-ASR module for automatic speech recognition and for aligning text with speech

The upgraded Aalto-ASR 2.1 is available for testing in the Puhti environment at CSC. If required, it is also possible to install the system on a local environment from a Docker container. Read more

Courses and awarded training materials

The online course Corpus Linguistics and Statistical Methods (5 ECTS) will be offered again in Jan-Mar 2021 and it can be taken either in Finnish or in English. The course is open to all universities and you can also participate in it from outside Finland. Course details

Apply for CLARIN funding

Did you know that CLARIN offers grants for, e.g., researcher and teacher mobility, events and training activities? Check out the funding opportunities and current calls:

The Donate Speech campaign continues – Finnish and Finland-Swedish can be donated in parallel campaigns

The Donate Speech campaign (Lahjoita puhetta) is still on. You may now donate your speech in Swedish, too! Of the 4000 hours of Finnish speech that were donated so far, 1500 hours have been manually transcribed. Starting from spring 2022, the donated speech material will be made available for restricted research and development purposes via the Language Bank of Finland.

Kielipankki  – The Language Bank of Finland, Yle (Finnish Broadcasting Company) and the Donate Speech campaign were awarded three times in 2021

The new FIN-CLARIAH infrastructure receives funding from the Academy of Finland

FIN-CLARIAH, the national research infrastructure for Social Sciences and Humanities in Finland was granted 4.6 M€ by the Academy of Finland for the years 2022-23. FIN-CLARIAH consists of two components, FIN-CLARIN and DARIAH-FI.

Read more about FIN-CLARIN: FIN-CLARIN
Read more about DARIAH-FI: DARIAH-FI
For the roadmap of FIN-CLARIAH, see also: FIN-CLARIAH

The Language Bank of Finland wishes you nice and relaxing Christmas time!

Mietta Lennes
Projet Planning Officer


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