Corpus interfaces

The Korp service in the Language Bank of Finland Korp is a web-based concordance tool that can be used for text corpus queries based on morphosyntactic analysis.
The LAT platform in the Language Bank of Finland LAT (Language Archive Tools) is a tool for browsing, querying and sharing annotated speech and video corpora.
Mylly Mylly – a versatile data analysis platform with interactive visualizations and workflows
icon-download Some corpora are available for download via Kielipankki Downloads.
WebAnno WebAnno annotation tool
Signbank Signbank – a lexical database of Finnish sign language
OPUS OPUS, an open source parallel corpus
The Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences The Bank of Finnish Terminology in Arts and Sciences is a multidisciplinary project which aims to gather a permanent terminological database for all fields of research in Finland.
Query all CLARIN centers’ corpora at once with CLARIN Federated Content Search.

Tools on the Language Bank’s software server

The following tools can be used in CSC’s Taito super computing environment. Basic knowledge of the Linux shell is required. The easiest access to Taito is provided via Taito-shell.

Code Tool and metadata License Available
Aalto-ASR Aalto University Automatic Speech Recognition System PUB lataus, taito
finnish-parse Dependency parser for Finnish text PUB taito-shell
saxon Saxon XSLT processor RES taito-shell
HFST Helsinki Finite-State Transducer Technology PUB lataus, taito-shell

Other tools

Code Tool and metadata License Available
FiNER Demo FiNER Demo (beta) PUB www
Lääketutka Lääketutka PUB www
PIE Lexicon Proto-Indo-European Lexicon PUB www
TDT Turku Dependency Treebank PUB www


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