StartNameDescriptionInstructionsInstallAdministratorService level
Korp at the Language Bank of FinlandKorpA web-based concordance tool that can be used for corpus queries based on morphosyntactic analysis and various other features.InstructionsThe Language Bank of FinlandA
DownloadDownload serviceDownload certain corpora.The Language Bank of FinlandA
META-SHAREMETA-SHAREMetadata repository of all the language resources at the Language Bank of Finland.The Language Bank of FinlandA
MyllyMyllyVersatile data analysis platform with interactive visualizations and workflows.InstructionsThe Language Bank of FinlandC
SanatSanatA platform for publishing lexica and word lists.The Language Bank of FinlandB
FinTagFinnish TagtoolsA part-of-speech and morphology tagger and a named entity recogniser for Finnish.InstallThe Language Bank of FinlandA
DemoDemo tools at the Language Bank of FinlandDemos of tools that are in development at the Language Bank of Finland: FinTag and FiNER, FinSentiment, FinnWordNet, HFST POS taggers, HFST morphological analyzers, Lemmamatch, etc. (In Finnish)The Language Bank of FinlandC
WebAnnoText annotation tool.User GuideStandalone
The Language Bank of FinlandA
SignbankLexical database of Finnish Sign Language.University of JyväskyläA
OPUSAn interface for open source parallel corpora.University of Helsinki
The Helsinki Term Bank for the Arts and SciencesA multidisciplinary project that aims to gather a permanent terminological database for all fields of research in Finland.University of HelsinkiA
LääketutkaLääketutka, "the Medicine Radar", provides analytics about health, medicine and symptom-related discussions in the Suomi24 discussion forum.University of HelsinkiC
Proto-Indo-European LexiconA generative etymological dictionary of Indo-European languagesUniversity of Helsinki
WancaWancaWanca is a portal for websites in Uralic languages. University of HelsinkiA
Turku Neural Parser
Turku Neural Parser PipelineA tool developed by the Turku NLP group for parsing Finnish text.Install (GitHub)University of Turku
word2vecSemantic similarity of words (word2vec)A tool developed by the Turku NLP group for analyzing the semantic similarity of words.DocumentationUniversity of Turku
Finnish Internet Parsebank:
Syntax-based search (SETS)
from the Finnish Internet Parsebank
Syntax-based search (SETS)
from parts of the Finnish Internet Parsebank.
DocumentationUniversity of Turku
FinBERTFinBERTBERT model trained from scratch on Finnish.Install (GitHub)University of Turku
TexthammerTexthammerA search and analysis toolkit for parallel corpora provided by the University of Tampere.Documentation (PDF)University of Tampere
Terminology ForumTerminology ForumTerminology Forum – A collection of links to special field glossaries, University of VaasaUniversity of Vaasa
SparvSparvA multilingual toolkit provided by the Swedish Språkbanken for parsing and annotating text in various languages.SWE-CLARIN (Språkbanken)
TranskribusTranskribusA toolkit for transcribing and managing historical documents (e.g., images and scanned text).Instructions (PDF)InstallUniversity of Innsbruck
Aalto-ASRAalto University Automatic
Speech Recognition System
An automatic speech recognition toolkit that can be used in the CSC computing environment. Some features are available via the Mylly service.InstructionsInstall (GitHub)Aalto University
ELANELANELAN is a program for transcribing and annotating audio and video files. It can also be used for searching locally stored collections of annotated material.InstructionsInstallThe Language Archive
PraatPraatPraat is a comprehensive toolkit for annotating, processing, analyzing and visualizing speech. Praat includes a scripting language.InstructionsInstallUniversity of Amsterdam
CLARIN Federated Content SearchRun a centralized query from all the resources provided by CLARIN centers.CLARIN ERIC
GephiGephiA program for network analysis and visualization.Install (GitHub)
LAT at the Language Bank of FinlandLAT (Language Archive Tools)A toolkit for browsing and querying annotated speech and video corpora.
NB: The LAT service will be discontinued as of 30 November 2020, see details.
InstructionsThe Language Bank of FinlandC