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Korp @ LB Korp
Web-based concordance tool that can be used for text corpus queries based on morphosyntactic analysis.
Kielipankin LAT-palvelu LAT (Language Archive Tools)
Tool for browsing, querying and sharing annotated speech and video corpora.
Mylly Mylly
Versatile data analysis platform with interactive visualizations and workflows.
The Language Bank of Finland
icon-download Download
Download certain corpora.
The Language Bank of Finland
Metadata repository of the Language Bank’s language resources.
The Language Bank of Finland
Sanat Sanat
A platform for publishing lexica and word lists.
Annotation tool.
The Language Bank of Finland
Demo Tool demos
Demos of the Language Bank’s tools that are in development: FinTag (incl. FiNER), FinSentiment, FinnWordNet, HFST POS taggers, HFST morphological analyzers, Lemmamatch, etc.
Lexical database of Finnish sign language.
University of Jyväskylä
Open source parallel corpus.
University of Helsinki
Tieteen kansallinen termipankki (TTP)
Multidisciplinary project which aims to gather a permanent terminological database for all fields of research in Finland.
University of Helsinki
Lääketutka University of Helsinki
Proto-Indo-European Lexicon University of Helsinki
TDT Finnish dependency parser developed by TurkuNLP University of Turku
Aalto-ASR Aalto University Automatic Speech Recognition System
Downloadable speech recognition tool.
icon-question-circle Aalto University
CLARIN Federated Content Search
Centralized query of all CLARIN centers’ resources.