PUB Many corpora and tools are accessible without signing in.
ACA Some language resources can be accessed with credentials issued by your own institute or other organization.
RES Some resources require personal access rights in addition to signing in. You can apply for access in the Language Bank Rights service, in which you can log in with either your own institute’s credentials or a CLARIN or Eduuni account.
By using the Language Bank’s corpora and services, you approve the Language Bank’s general terms of use as well as resource-specific terms.

When accessing and using a resource that contains personal data (license condition +PRIV), you are additionally required to follow the resource-specific data processing terms and conditions included in the license of the resource. Submit the link and title of your publicly available privacy notice to the Language Bank. For further information, see the guidelines for processing corpora stored in the Language Bank of Finland that contain personal data.

Apply for rights to access the Language Bank’s resources in the Language Bank Rights service

Sign in to the service with an account granted by an organization that is a member of either Haka or eduGAIN, or a CSC account.

  • Application instructions
  • You can apply for several rights with one application.
  • Submitting an application entails a digital signature that is used to approve of both the Language Bank’s general terms and resource-specific terms.
  • The application process takes typically up to a week.

No Haka credentials?

If your organization is not in eduGAIN, you can access our services with a CLARIN account. Please use your university email address when filling in the following form:

CLARIN Identity request form

Users in Finland are encouraged to consider Eduuni as the login method:

What is Eduuni?

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