Updates to resource-specific licenses and data protection terms and conditions

At the beginning of year 2022, some updates will be made to the resource-specific license terms and conditions. As the most prominent addition, resource-specific data protection terms and conditions will be included as a new part in the licenses of resources that contain personal data. Information about the updates regarding individual resources will be published on the Language Bank website.

A resource available in Kielipankki includes personal data in case the resource-specific license contains the label +PRIV. This condition means that you must process the personal data confidentially, carefully and solely for the purpose for which you were granted access to the resource. Further restrictions are, or will be, described in the resource-specific data protection terms and conditions. See also the general guidelines for processing corpora stored in the Language Bank of Finland that contain personal data.

When you start using a resource containing personal data for a new project or for a new purpose, you can share a short title of your project and a link to the corresponding openly available privacy notice by using this form. We will publish this information on the Language Bank of Finland website to make it available to anyone who is interested in the purposes for which the resource is used.

Please remember to carefully read the license terms and conditions of each individual resource you are using. If you have questions regarding the license terms of if you cannot find the information you need right now, please ask the Language Bank for details.