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FIN-CLARIN offers online courses that are open to all Finnish universities. The course Corpus Linguistics and Statistical Methods will be given in English and in Finnish in spring 2019. In this course, participants will also be accepted from universities outside Finland.

Courses by FIN-CLARIN

The course pages for the study year 2018-2019 are currently under construction. Further information will be updated below.

  •  KIK-404. Corpus Linguistics and Statistical Methods – Korpuslingvistiikka ja tilastolliset menetelmät (5 ECTS), online course 3.9. – 21.10.2018 (in Finnish) and 14.1. – 3.3.2019 (in Finnish and in English)
    • In spring 2019, alternative groups will be taught in English and Finnish.
  • KIK-LG212. Puheen analyysin perusteet (Introduction to Speech Analysis, 5 ECTS), online course 29.10.2018 – 14.12.2018 (in Finnish)
    • In autumn 2019, this course will be available also in English.
  • LDA-T3110. Corpus Clinic / Aineistoklinikka (5 ECTS), online course 9.11.2018 – 26.04.2019, materials available in English

Courses organized by other organizations collaborating with FIN-CLARIN

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