Stay tuned for the long-awaited Korp update in December 2021!

Korp – our favourite corpus query service – will finally be upgraded to a new version before Christmas! You may already test the new Korp at

In the corpus menu of the new Korp version, the existing corpora have been rearranged under thematic sections. The same content is still available. In case you have links to corpus queries performed in the previous Korp version, they should continue to work in the new Korp version after the upgrade.

In addition, the new Korp version includes some features that have not been previously available, such as an improved way of filtering the content where the search is to be performed, and a better map feature for corpora that include information on geographic locations. All features will not be immediately available in the new Korp version, but they will be added little by little.

Please report any deficiencies either via the feedback form that you can find under the wheel menu in Korp, or by email to fin-clarin (at) For the time being, the current Korp version will remain available even after the upgrade at

Korp instructions