New ”resource group” pages on the Language Bank website

In the Language Bank of Finland, a given resource may be available as several different versions or variants that are provided for different purposes. For instance, the resource may be offered as a downloadable version, but there may also be a variant that is searchable via Korp.

In order to make it more convenient for users to locate the corpus version they need, we started creating resource group pages that provide an overview of all the available versions of the resource in question. For instance, all the resource versions that are included in the Plenary Sessions of the Parliament of Finland (eduskunta) resource group can be found at

All the resources that are available via the Language Bank of Finland are listed on the Corpora page, For each individual resource version mentioned on the list, you can find links to the

  • the metadata record
  • the license terms and conditions (for corpora including personal data, these will also contain the resource-specific data processing terms and conditions)
  • the access location of the resource (e.g., Korp, download service, or Puhti computing environment)
  • the resource group page (or a similar documentation page)
  • the citation instructions, including the persistent identifier of the resource version in question.

When citing the resource, please refer to the specific resource version that was used. This will make your research easier to replicate.