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Plenary Sessions of the Parliament of Finland contains audio and video recordings of the parliamentary sessions and the transcripts that have been aligned with the audio. Both the media files and the original transcripts have been obtained directly from the online public services of the Parliament. The content is openly available via the Language Bank of Finland without logging in.

Via the Korp service in the Language Bank of Finland, it is possible to perform various kinds of content searches on the corpus and to calculate statistics from the results. The turns of different speakers have been separated in the text. In the Extended search tab in Korp, it is possible to delimit searches on the basis of the speaker’s name, the parliamentary group or the role of the speaker.

In the search results of this corpus version in Korp, there are also links to the corresponding utterances in the original video. If you wish, you may download the ELAN/EAF annotation files and the audio files in the downloadable version of the corpus for further processing. Moreover, the original videos and transcripts can also be located in the online services of the Parliament of Finland.

The text in the original transcripts has been aligned with the audio recordings by automatic methods. The technological expertise in the alignment process was provided by Aalto University. In those audio portions where a matching text was not found in the transcript, an automatic speech recognizer was used in order to provide a tentative transcript. Thus, it is important to remember that the text in the Korp version of the corpus is not error-free and it may not always fully correspond to the original transcript.

Further information about the contents of the different corpus versions can be found in their metadata records.

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