How do I access a specific corpus in the Language Bank of Finland?

Many corpora can be accessed without having to sign in. Some corpora can be accessed only after you have signed in or after you have applied for access rights. If you are not able to access a particular corpus directly or by signing in with your university credentials, see the access rights instructions.

In case you have the access rights that are required for a specific corpus, you can access it in the following ways:

  • The direct link to the corpus can be found in the corpus list (see the Location column) or on the metadata page of the corpus that you can look up from META-SHARE (see the link above the row that begins with ”ID:”). However, no direct link is available for those corpora that can only be used in CSC’s computing environment.
  • All the corpora available through Korp can be found at If necessary, sign in first by choosing ”Log in” in the cogwheel menu in the upper right corner of Korp. Select the desired corpus from the corpus selection bar on the top of the page (see instructions).
  • All the resources available for download through Kielipankki can be found at
  • Some language resources can only be used on the command line CSC’s computing environment. These resources can be found in the directory /appl/data/kielipankki. You can open a connection to the environment by using an ssh application on your local machine.

There are two main types of access restrictions to corpora:

  • CLARIN ACA: You have to identify yourself as member of the academic community to access the corpus. Usually, logging in with your university account is sufficient.
  • CLARIN RES: You need to apply for individual access via

Note that by using Kielipankki’s resources you agree to the general terms and conditions of Kielipankki – The Language Bank of Finland, as well as to any terms and conditions specific to the language resource you use.