The FIN-CLARIN consortium is the Finnish part of the European CLARIN collaboration building a research infrastructure for language-related resources in Humanities and Social Sciences. The goal of FIN-CLARIN is to provide access for all researchers in Finland to CLARIN compatible language resources. Likewise, the researchers in other countries will have access to the resources in Finland.

Our goals


Pave the way for researchers of language material in humanities, computer science and social sciences by providing access to language tools and resources.


At their work stations

  • language researchers should be able to search for relevant linguistic structures,
  • social scientists and historians should be able to find documents using content-search, and
  • computer scientists should be able to mine text and data

in manuscript and newspaper collections, in internet and parliamentary discussions, in radio and TV broadcasts.


In order for the language resources to be found in scientific resource inventories, all resources must be equipped with compatible metadata descriptions. Their access policies must be stated clearly in a common format, and it should be easy to apply for and to grant permissions to use them. The resources must also be provided in a well-known or standardized format. In Finland, the related services will be located at the Language Bank of Finland. FIN-CLARIN is currently developing the assortment of materials available in the Language Bank as well as the instructions and support for using these resources.

CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) is part of the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) roadmap. FIN-CLARIN is part of the Finnish national roadmap.

Finland is a full member of the European research infrastructure consortium CLARIN ERIC, whose task it is to ensure that the language processing services are coordinated and compatible in its member countries. Meanwhile, FIN-CLARIN has continued implementing the recommendations produced by CLARIN.

The Steering Group of the FIN-CLARIN consortium

The Steering Group of the FIN-CLARIN consortium makes decisions concerning the general directions of the activities of the consortium. Each one of the member organizations is represented by one member and one substitute member in the Steering Group. The chairperson of the Steering Group is Research Director Krister Lindén.

Official documents of the FIN-CLARIN Steering Group (mostly in Finnish)

Members of the Steering Group


University of Helsinki
Krister Lindén, chairperson
Aalto University
Mikko Kurimo, official representative
Paavo Alku, substitute member
CSC – IT Center for Science
Pekka Lehtovuori, official representative
Katri Tegel, substitute member
University of Eastern Finland
Mikko Laitinen, official representative
Jukka Mäkisalo, substitute member
University of Jyväskylä
Ari Huhta, official representative
Jarmo Jantunen, substitute member
Institute for the Languages of Finland
Sakari Korpikallio, official representative
Tarja Heinonen, substitute member
U Oulu
University of Oulu
Mirka Rauniomaa, official representative
Sisko Brunni, substitute member
U Tampere
University of Tampere
Mikhail Mikhailov, official representative
Paavo Arvola, substitute member
U Turku
University of Turku
Veronika Laippala, official representative
Nobufumi Inaba, substitute member
U Vaasa
University of Vaasa
Merja Koskela, official representative

FIN-CLARIN partners

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence
Terhi Kajaste


Last updated: 2023-04-17

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