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Researchers of the Month in 2022

  1. Jussi Ylikoski – Finno-Ugric languages, grammar, etymology
  2. Tuisku Vilenius – online discussions related to the Saami people
  3. Ari Huhta – language assessment, foreign language learning
  4. Terhi Ainiala – urban place names, digital discourses
  5. Mika Hämäläinen – computational creativity, language technology for endangered languages
  6. Jack Rueter – morpho-syntactic description of minority languages

All previous researchers of the month can be found in the archive.

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New corpora in 2022

Updated or extended corpora in 2022

Would you like to offer your own resource to be distributed via Kielipankki?

Submit the basic details about your own resource to the Language Bank of Finland:

General-purpose HeLI-OTS language identifier released through industry-academia cooperation

HeLI-OTS is a general-purpose language identifier that can automatically detect the language used in a text. This ELG-compatible tool selects the most suitable option from a list of 200 languages. HeLI-OTS has been developed as part of a collaborative project between University of Helsinki and Lingsoft on text and speech recognition, funded by the Finnish Research Impact Foundation. Read more

Major Korp update

Korp has been updated to version 9. In addition to bug fixes, the new Korp has some new features, although some of them will be activated only when the required support for them has been added to corpora. Please report any bugs and deficiencies in the new Korp (and also wishes) either via feedback form or by email to fin-clarin (at)

The Donate Speech campaign data available via Kielipankki in autumn 2022

The Donate Speech campaign (Lahjoita puhetta) is still on. Of the 4000 hours of Finnish speech that were donated so far, 1500 hours have been manually transcribed. The donated speech material will be made available for restricted research and development purposes via the Language Bank of Finland in autumn 2022.

LUMI supercomputer in Kajaani, hosted by CSC, is now in action

LUMI is owned by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, and it is run by a consortium of 10 countries with long traditions and knowledge of scientific computing. LUMI is an ecosystem for high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and data-intensive research, which enables breakthroughs in several branches of academic research. In addition, a fifth of LUMI’s capacity is targeted to companies. Read more

COST Action ”NexusLinguarum”: Virtual Mobility Grants to support research activities and networking in a virtual setting

Within the COST Action ”NexusLinguarum”, centered around linguistic data science, a new call for Virtual Mobility Grants (VMGs) has been issued with collection date 30th of June. VMGs are a networking tool launched by the COST Association and they aim to support individual participants to foster collaborative research activities, networking with other researchers and exchange of knowledge in a virtual setting. Moreover, you can still become a memher of one of the Working Groups within the Action. Read more

Apply for CLARIN funding

Did you know that CLARIN offers grants for, e.g., researcher and teacher mobility, events and training activities? Check out the funding opportunities and current calls:

FIN-CLARIAH infrastructure introduced its goals in a poster exhibition

FIN-CLARIAH, the national research infrastructure for Social Sciences and Humanities in Finland received funding from the Academy of Finland for the years 2022-23. FIN-CLARIAH consists of two components, FIN-CLARIN and DARIAH-FI. We organized a kick-off event where posters were presented to introduce the goals and the work that will be done by the infrastructure. See the posters here.

Read more about FIN-CLARIN: FIN-CLARIN
Read more about DARIAH-FI: DARIAH-FI
For the roadmap of FIN-CLARIAH, see also: FIN-CLARIAH

The Language Bank of Finland wishes you a relaxing summer!

Mietta Lennes
Projet Planning Officer


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