Time: 25.10.2021 9-10

Present: Mietta, Satu, Martin


Catch up: Martin did not yet present this case to SD PO, but to a Gaia-X Pilot WG.

In the pilot will likely use double encryption: The first layer encrypts the data in a way that it can only be opened in the designated environment (like CSC’s Secure Desktop or UHEL’s ”Umpio”). The second layer ensures that the data can only be opened by authorized personnel using their respective private keys.

This makes sure that the data can only be opened in the desginated environment by designated users (which have to 2-factor authenticate to access the respective environment).

A PhD project is upcoming in Spring 2022 which will collect more data related to disordered speech that needs a secure processing environment.

Next steps

Martin to relay the main discussion points to Gaia-X Pilot WG, still to contact SD PO.

Satu will contact the Secretary of the Medical Ethical Board of UHEL and ask whether similar procedures have already been accepted.

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