Language Bank of Finland data protection statement:

User of the Korp service

General description of the service and the purpose of processing personal data

The Korp service is a user interface which service users can use to view various corpora stored in the Language Bank of Finland. For certain corpora, access rights are restricted to separately determined users or user groups only.

The service processes the personal data of logged-in users to enable their access to corpora associated with restricted access rights. In addition, log data accumulated through service use are used to ensure its functioning, identify problems and collect statistics on service use. Personal data are also used to improve services.

The grounds for the processing of personal data is the legitimate interest of the controller.

Personal data processed

If you use the credentials of another organisation to log in to the Korp service, the following data will be transmitted from that organisation to the Language Bank of Finland:

  • Your personal username
  • Your academic status in the organisation (e.g., student, employee)

In addition, the Korp service stores in its log files your actions when using Korp, such as the corpora you have explored.

Duration of the processing of personal data

Users’ personal data are removed upon their request, or after the user has not used the Korp service for five years.

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