CLARIN Café II: How to use CLARIN in (online) higher education

This CLARIN Café is an opportunity to meet, find inspiration for new teaching solutions, collect feedback and needs, and share ideas.  Mietta Lennes from FIN-CLARIN will also be telling about her online teaching.

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RDHum 2019: Tools and services in the Language Bank of Finland

Wednesday 14th August, 13.15-15.30, room L9, University of Oulu, Finland

Please note:

  • In case you wish to participate in the hands-on activities, please bring your own laptop!
  • The Korp concordancing service is known to be compatible with Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers may not work.


Provisional program


13.15-14.15 Part I: Presentation of the Language Bank of Finland  (including demonstrations of various tools and services)

Coffee is available in the central lobby 14.15-15.00. Welcome back directly after getting your refreshments 🙂

14.15-15.30 Part II: Hands-on session, for those who want to try out a few tools on site.

During the two parts of this tutorial, we will take a quick glance at Korp, Mylly, some Demo tools, and perhaps also WebAnno. You are also welcome to ask further questions about these and other tools, or more generally about processing and publishing your own data.


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