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D2.1.1: Licensing agreements for personal data

Grant agreement: Academy of Finland no. 345610
Start date: 01-01-2022
Duration: 24 months

WP 2.1: Report on Licensing agreements for personal data
Date of reporting: 2022-09

Report author: Mietta Lennes (UHEL)
Contributors: Sirpa Kovanen, Krister Lindén (UHEL)
Deliverable location: Deposition license agreement template


The deposition license agreement template of the Language Bank of Finland has been thoroughly updated in order to allow for the deposition of resources that contain personal data. The template now includes a new annex where the data processing terms and conditions regarding personal data can be included.

The deposition agreement contains both general as well as resource-specific terms and conditions according to which the Language Bank may distribute a given resource. The template can be used when depositing a new resource in the Language Bank of Finland. The completed document is to be signed by the rightholder(s), by the controller regarding the personal data (if applicable), and by the Language Bank of Finland, legally represented by the University of Helsinki. In order to make the administrative procedure faster, the Language Bank has also started using a system for electronic signing.

Specific details of the license terms and conditions are always separately agreed for each individual resource. When planning on the deposition of research data in the Language Bank of Finland, depositors should contact FIN-CLARIN so that the situation regarding the material and the practical possibilities distributing the data can be checked and discussed together if required. In order to make the discussions easier, it is recommended to submit a request to create the preliminary metadata record for the new resource first.

Why should you deposit your resource with the Language Bank of Finland?

When you deposit a corpus or a tool to be distributed via the Language Bank of Finland maintained by FIN-CLARIN, your work will gain more visibility and your resource will be available for users. Many Finnish research funding organizations recommend that all research data containing language be deposited with the Language Bank of Finland.

If a corpus or tool is readily available, it will be used and cited more often. A unique, persistent identifier and citation instructions are assigned to each resource that is distributed via the Language Bank of Finland. This makes it easy for you and others to refer to your resource in publications. The language resources you deposited can also be included in your CV.

In some cases, it is not possible to make a resource openly available. The terms and conditions for distributing your resource will be agreed by us with you. If necessary, it is possible to restrict access to the resource for identified users only, or to individual users who are granted access based on a research plan they presented. In the latter case, access rights can be managed conveniently in our online service called Language Bank Rights.

Inform the Language Bank of Finland about a forthcoming language resource