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Rename VRT positions

This tool specifies new names to VRT positional fields. Each field is identified by the value to an old-name parameter rather than by position. The value of the corresponding new-name parameter specifies the new name.

Other fields keep their old names, or else their default name Vk where k is the number of the position.


Suppose the input VRT document has the following three fields for each token.

  1. surface form
  2. lemma (aka base form)
  3. some annotation

Suppose that the input document starts with the following comment that specifies the names foo, bar, baz for the three fields.

     <!-- Positional attributes: foo bar baz -->

To make the output document have the name lemma for the second field, specify bar as the value of an old-name parameter and lemma as the value of the corresponding new-name parameter. Then the output document starts with the following comment that specifies the new name lemma for the field previously named bar, and the previous names for the other two fields.

     <!-- Positional attributes: foo lemma baz -->

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