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D5.2.1: Actor network

Grant agreement: Academy of Finland no. 345610
Start date: 01-01-2022
Duration: 24 months

WP 5.2: Report on Actor network
Date of reporting: 30-1-2023

Report author: Sanna Kumpulainen (Tampere University)
Contributors: Jaako Peltonen (Tampere University), Anna Sendra Toset (Tampere University), Farid Alijani (Tampere University)
Deliverable location: DARIAH-FI – Actor network


The first version of the actor network is available at: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7588774

The actor network is a living document that includes relevant information regarding the DARIAH-FI research infrastructure, such as the activities conducted so far (internal meetings, roadshows), the future of the consortium and details of the different WPs.

For example, thanks to the different roadshows organized, we now have a list of 180 people interested in the work of DARIAH-FI, mostly from the fields of history, linguistics, and sociology. Many of these individuals (n=97) belong to the first and second stages of the research career (väitöskirjatutkija; postdoc-tutkija).

As more activities and other events will continue to be arranged in the future, such as the roadshow organized at the University of Turku on 24.1.2023, new and expanded versions of the actor network will be released during 2023.

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