Finnish Wikipedia 2017

The Finnish Wikipedia 2017 source material corpus contains all Finnish articles from the online encyclopedia Wikipedia available in 1 January 2018. The text parts of the articles have been extracted from Wikipedia Dumps with WikiExtractor.

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Locating and accessing the corpus

Of this language corpus different versions are (or might be in the future) published in the Language Bank of Finland. The versions are available through the Language Bank Download Service and/or through the Korp concordance tool, or they are offered by another member organisation of FIN-CLARIN. The links to the different versions can be found from the list above.

How to access a specific corpus in the Language Bank of Finland

Detailed information on the content of each version, user rights and licenses can be found from it’s specific metadata record in META-SHARE.


A version of this corpus is directly available in an uncompressed form in CSC’s computing environment. The data can be found in the directory /appl/data/kielipankki. You can open a connection to the environment by using an ssh application on your local machine, or via a browser interface. See further instructions on connecting to the computing environment (CSC).

Snapshot of the structure of the data on Puhti:

tree view of corpus wikipedia-fi-2017-src

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