Lexical-Conceptual Resources deposited in the Language Bank


This page is still under construction.


The corpora in the Language Bank may be accessible via a web interface (Korp) or by using command line tools in CSC’s computing environment. Some corpora can also be downloaded via the Download service.

The most recent versions of the downloadable CLARIN PUB or ACA licensed corpora are also available in CSC’s Puhti computing environment in the directory /appl/data/kielipankki/. To use the servers you need a CSC account.


Some corpora are directly available, some may be accessed by signing in or by applying for individual access rights. Protected corpora can be accessed following the link in the Apply column.

Service levels

Our language resources have three different levels of support.

A: The resource is under active development. The Language Bank of Finland fixes any issues as soon as possible.
B: The resource is developed only upon user request. The Language Bank of Finland aims to fix issues concerning the resource, but external contributions may be required.
C: The resource is available ”as is”. The Language Bank of Finland does not fix nor develop the resource.


Corpora-specific reference instructions and citations in other papers are available by clicking the quote link.

If you are looking for a lexical-conceptual resource not listed here, please have a look in META-SHARE or CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory (VLO).

AbbreviationName and metadataLicenseLocationHelpCite
psychlingdescPsycholinguistic DescriptivesPUB
Downloadicon-question-circleHuovilainen, T. (2018). Psycholinguistic Descriptives [text corpus]. Kielipankki. Retrieved from http://urn.fi/urn:nbn:fi:lb-2018081601

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