News on the Web – Kielipankki version

This resource contains a copy of the original News on the Web corpus (NOW), provided by Mark Davies on 4th June 2021 via the corpus service at The corpus contains data from web-based newspapers and magazines in 20 different English-speaking countries from Jan 2010 to 31 May 2021.  The corpus is related to many other corpora of English, formerly known as the ”BYU Corpora”.

More information on Mark Davies’ corpora at Kielipankki.

Latest versions/subcorpora:
News on the Web – Kielipankki version 2021-05, source
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Of this language corpus different versions/subcorpora are (or might be in the future) published in the Language Bank of Finland. The versions are available through the Language Bank Download Service and/or through the Korp concordance tool. The links to the different versions can be found from the list above.

Detailed information on the content of each version, user rights and licenses can be found from it’s specific metadata record in META-SHARE.

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