Classics of English and American Literature in Finnish, Scrambled Sentences and Paragraphs (CEAL-s)

This page is to inform you that changes have been made to the original corpus data referenced by the PID urn:nbn:fi:lb-2017022202 (and hdl:11113/lb-2017022202) on 18.01.2018). The original content is available upon request.

Click here to proceed to the updated dataset in Korp. The dataset contains the changes detailed below.

  • Incorrectly split tokens have been fixed. This fix also means, that the word count in Korp will lead to a different result than in the previous version.
  •  Morphological, syntactic and name annotations have been added to the data. For more information please see section 1 of General Fixes 11/2017.
  • Korp shows more descriptive corpus descriptions, licence information and data URNs.
  • Some text attribute labels have been changed in Korp.
  • The data has scrambled paragraphs (instead of sentences), with sentences within each paragraph in the original order, so it can show paragraph context.
  • The order of results differs from the previous version.
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