General Fixes in Korp 11/2017

This is a collection of changes concerning corpora in Korp implemented in November 2017. As long as nothing else is specified, these changes concern the current data in Korp and do not mean a new version of the corpus.  This page is linked from the particular Metashare article of the corpus in question.

  1. Morphological, syntactic and name annotations have been added to the data

The corpus data has been enriched with morphological, syntactic and name annotations after being published to Korp. The new attributes include lemma, part of speech, morphosyntactic description, dependency relation, dependency head and named entity type. The data itself (word forms) did not change. The content of paragraph 3 of this page is valid for these corpora as well.


  1. Attribute ‘lemma’ has been changed to ‘lemmacomp’

For lemmas with compound boundary markers these markers were removed from the values of the attribute ‘lemma’. The previous ‘lemma’ is still accessible as ‘lemmacomp’, but searches using the lemma attribute may give different results than before.
To get the same search results in Korp as before this alteration, please change the attribute name ”lemma” to ”lemmacomp” in CQP expressions in the advanced search, or choose ”perusmuoto (yhdyssanarajat)” instead of ”perusmuoto” in the extended search.
The content of paragraph 3 of this page is valid for these corpora as well.


  1. Simple search autocompletion and word picture function fixed

Unlike before, now you can get results from these corpora when searching in the simple search by choosing a lemma and part of speech from the autocompletion list. Now you also can get word picture results from these corpora.

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