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The following deposition license agreement template can be used when depositing a resource in the Language Bank of Finland. The agreement includes both general and resource-specific terms and conditions according to which the Language Bank may distribute a given resource. The Language Bank of Finland is legally represented by the University of Helsinki.

The license terms and conditions are based on the generic CLARIN licensing framework, but the specific details regarding individual resource. When planning on the deposition of your research data in the Language Bank of Finland, please contact FIN-CLARIN so that we can check the situation regarding your material together with you. If possible, we recommend that you submit a request to publish the initial metadata of your resource first, in case you already have the minimal set of mandatory information at your disposal.

Please note that this version of the agreement template was recently constructed, and details may still change.

Download the agreement template and the annexes:


In the agreement templates, the parts marked in yellow are to be checked or completed by you as the rightholder and/or the data controller of the resource. In angle brackets, there are some instructions to help you understand how to fill in the missing parts according to your resource.

For more information, please contact FIN-CLARIN (fin-clarin [AT]

Last updated: 24.9.2023

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