CLARIN Legal terms, agreements and licenses

CLARIN categories are a set of usage categories. Below are the agreements providing the framework for including resources in these categories.

CLARIN Categories

Based on their licences, language resources can be divided into three CLARIN categories: CLARIN PUB, CLARIN ACA or CLARIN RES. Well-known end-user licences can also be classfied according to the CLARIN categories.

CLARIN Deposition License Agreements (DELA)

CLARIN deposition licences are available for curating a minimal set of usage conditions to include a resource in the CLARIN PUB, ACA or RES categories. The minimal deposition licences can be used as checklists if you wish to use your own set of deposition licences to curate additional usage conditions from a resource provider.

CLARIN End-User License Agreements (EULA)

CLARIN End-User License Agreements (EULA) with all the additional terms that may apply if permitted by the deposition agreements.

CLARIN Terms of Service (TOS)

CLARIN Terms of Service describe the general conditions for accessing the resources distributed by CLARIN.