How to cite the Language Bank of Finland and FIN-CLARIN

It is important to cite language resources in a coherent way. This will enable other researchers to replicate your research, and the authors or developers of the resource can receive credit for their work.

When you use a language resource (a corpus or a tool) that is available via the Language Bank of Finland, please adhere to the citation instructions provided by the Language Bank. This way, you provide an accurate reference to the exact version of the resource. In the Language Bank od Finland, every resource version has a unique persistent identifier that is always included in the reference. The identifier exists in order to ensure that the resource can be accessed and the study can be replicated in the future even if the location of the resource changes.

The license conditions of many corpora and tools require the users to provide a reference to the resource in question. In this case, the license terms will usually mention the BY condition (Attribution; Nimeä in Finnish). A reference is systematically required for all language resources that are licensed for academic use (CLARIN ACA) or for individual use (CLARIN RES). Even openly licensed language resources may require appropriate citation (e.g., Creative Commons Attribution and other open licenses).

By providing a reference to the Language Bank of Finland and to its language resources, you can help FIN-CLARIN keep track of the usage of its corpora and services and maintain the Language Bank of Finland.

Citing a corpus that is available via the Language Bank of Finland

Reference instructions for individual corpus versions or variants can be found at the quotation mark icon-quote-right on the Corpora list of the Language Bank of Finland.

The reference instructions are also mentioned in the metadata of each language reource. The metadata of the corpora that are available via the Language Bank of Finland are stored and distributed on the META-SHARE service. The metadata record of a specific language resource can always be accessed with the persistent identifier that is included in the citation instructions, or by clicking on the corpus title on the corpus list of the Language Bank. In the metadata record, the link to the reference instructions can usually be found in the Documentation section. In some cases, the citation instructions are directly available in the Attribution Details field. The metadata record also provides details on the corpus-specific license.

For corpus versions that are offered via the Korp concordancing service, the link to the citation instructions is available in the corpus information frame that pops up when the mouse cursor is moved over a corpus title in the corpus selection menu, as well as under the corpus details in the information column on the right when an individual search result is selected in the concordance view.

In case the resource is available via the download service of the Language Bank of Finland, it includes a file called README containing the persistent identifier of that particular resource version.

Reference format

As an example, here are the reference instructions to the language resource titled Corpus of Finnish Magazines and Newspapers from the 1990s and 2000s, Version 2:

University of Helsinki (2017). Corpus of Finnish Magazines and Newspapers from the 1990s and 2000s, Version 2 [text corpus]. Kielipankki. Retrieved from

Note that the exact formatting practices of data references may vary in different publications. In any case, it is best to try and include the details that are included in the citations instructions provided by the Language Bank of Finland. When you are writing scientific journal articles or producing other research output, you may need to check the publication-specific instructions in order to see whether it is customary to include data sources in the bibliography or to create a separate list for them.

References to the Language Bank of Finland, FIN-CLARIN or CLARIN

The address of the Language Bank of Finland (Kielipankki)

In case you wish to refer to the Language Bank of Finland as a collection of services, please use the web address

Refer to the FIN-CLARIN consortium

A presentation of the FIN-CLARIN consortium on the web portal of the Language Bank of Finland:


The general reference instructions of CLARIN ERIC and CLARIN services can be found under CLARIN Frequently Asked Questions.

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