Online Tutorial for Morphologically Rich Languages

As part of SAFMORIL, we offer an online tutorial for morphology construction at CSC Notebooks. The tutorial is implemented as python notebooks which use HFST python interface. At the moment, access requires HAKA account. If you do not have a HAKA account, you can contact SAFMORIL Helpdesk to arrange for local accounts or request a visitor account directly from CSC service desk. You also need a join code that you can request from SAFMORIL Helpdesk.


The course has currently five parts:

  1. Course intro, field overview, majority vs minority language technology
  2. Intro to the Giella infra and a variety of finite-state tasks, stress on reusability and language independence
  3. Simple lexc: numerals, dates, clocks
  4. Writing test material and applying simple concatenative morphology
  5. Twolc & xfst rewrite rules (last section under construction)



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