Online Tutorial for Computational Morphology

As part of SAFMORIL, we offer an online tutorial for XFST-based morphology development at CSC Notebooks. The tutorial is implemented as python notebooks which use HFST python interface. At the moment, access requires HAKA account. If you do not have a HAKA account, you can contact SAFMORIL Helpdesk to arrange for local accounts or request a visitor account directly from CSC service desk.


The tutorial is divided into seven parts:

  1. Theories of morphology, generators and analyzers, lexc
  2. Finite-state basics, xfst rules
  3. Disambiguation, probabilities, finite-state networks summarized
  4. Guessers, stemmers, regular expressions in xfst
  5. Twolc, two-level rules
  6. Flag diacritics, non-concatenative morphology
  7. Optimization of finite-state networks