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D2.4.3.1: Initializing terminology collections

Grant agreement: Academy of Finland no. 345610
Start date: 01-01-2022
Duration: 24 months

WP 2.4: Report on Initializing terminology collection
Date of reporting: 2022-09

Report author: Harri Kettunen (UHEL)
Contributors: Tiina Onikki-Rantajääskö (UHEL)
Deliverable location: The Helsinki Term Bank for the Arts and Sciences – Tieteen termipankki


During the first 9 months of the project, the Helsinki Term Bank for the Arts and Sciences has initiated terminology work in the following new fields: behavioral sciences, mathematics, Mesoamerican studies, North American Indigenous studies, and theology, whereof mathematics, and theology are initially working offline and will publish the terminology work at a later date. Furthermore, terminology work has been agreed upon this year in the following fields: Arctic research, Asian studies, gender studies, geography, military sciences, nutritional sciences, and physiology. In addition, an interdisciplinary working group has been established for metascientific terminology. The group is composed of researchers from different fields and from various universities in Finland.

New concept pages have been created in the following fields in 2022: art history, behavioral sciences, botany, classical studies, digital humanities, forensics, genealogical studies, geology, history, law, linguistics, martial arts studies, Mesoamerican studies, open science, philosophy, physics, religion studies, social psychology, sustainability studies, and translation studies. All in all, 584 entirely new new concept pages have been created since January 2022.

Furthermore, the database has been updated in the following fields: aesthetics, archaeology, art history, astronomy, behavioral sciences, biology, biotechnology, botany, classical studies, digital humanities, education, environmental sciences, film and television studies, geology, heritage studies, history, Indigenous studies, language technology, law, linguistics, literary studies, martial arts studies, Mesoamerican studies, meteorology, open science, performing arts, philosophy, physics, plain language research, religion studies, semiotics, social psychology, terminology, and translation studies. In total, 2111 existing concept pages have been updated and in total 1114 new terms have been added. The full amount of concept pages as of October 30, 2022, is 47,664.

Between 1 January and 29 October 2022, there have been 546,202 users whereof 524,066 have been new users. The total number of sessions has been 855,533 with 1,509,599 page views.


The Helsinki Term Bank for the Arts and Sciences was granted the following awards in 2022:

  • Finnish Open Educational Practice Award (May 2022)
  • The University of Helsinki Open Science Award (October 2022)

It should be noted that the project coordinator Harri Kettunen started in the beginning of March 2022. The first step to establish a new field is to gather and activate an expert group, and it takes time before the guidance to the voluntary terminology work results in concept pages of the database. Thus networking has been the main activity of the project coordinator.

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