The licenses regarding restricted corpora (CLARIN RES) were updated


After the general update of the Terms of Use of the Language Bank of Finland and the resource-specific end-user licenses that took place in February 2022, it turned out that a further clarification was required for CLARIN RES type licenses. Starting on 24th May 2022, the new version 2.1 of the RES license begins in the following way (here, the changes are bolded):

”The Rightholder grants the End-User a personal free, non-exclusive and perpetual (for the duration of the copyright) right to use and make copies of the Resource for the purpose agreed with the End-User as such, as modified, or as part of a compilation or derived work. […]”

New users of restricted resources must accept the end-user licenses before applying for access via Language Bank Rights. Those users who already have access to one or more restricted resources will be notified about license changes to the email address that was provided along with their application.

The link to the license of an individual resource can be found on the list of corpora in the Language Bank of Finland or via the metadata record (see Documentation) of the resource version in question.

Please see CLARIN End-User License Agreements (EULA) for an overview of the changes that have recently taken place in the end-user licenses applied by the Language Bank.