News from the Language Bank of Finland 22nd August 2014

Negotiations between Yle (The Finnish Broadcasting Company) and FIN-CLARIN

  • FIN-CLARIN is negotiating with Yle (The Finnish Broadcasting Company) about depositing Yle-corpora at the Language Bank of Finland. If you have any preferences with regards to the kind of programs the respective corpora should contain (e.g. factual programs, news and programs on current affairs, talk shows, children’s programs, series or any particular program produced by Yle), we would be grateful if you let us know about them

The SKN-corpus published at LAT

Downloading search results in Korp

  • You can now download Korp search results to your own computer in different file formats. The download buttons can be found below the search results. The available file formats are CSV, CSV+, Excel, JSON, TSV and Text. Each button has a hint box that gives brief information on the respective download possibility.

Petition for continuing the Langnet operating model

Upcoming events

FIN-CLARIN and the Language Bank of Finland wish you a great autumn!

Imre Bartis
Project Coordinator / FIN-CLARIN