News from the Language Bank of Finland 20th December 2012

Korp is growing
The concordance tool Korp has been populated with more texts, including 70 million words from the Europarl corpus and from the JRC Acquis corpus of EU legislation, syntactically annotated by the FinnTreeBank project. A number of new corpora will be made available next spring, including Finnish dialect material from the Syntactic Archive, old Finnish poems and letters by Aleksis Kivi from SKS and old literary Finnish from Kotus. See Korp:

LAT is also growing
The LAT system for spoken language archives will soon provide access to the revised version of the Samples of Spoken Finnish by Kotus as well as the ELFA (English as a Lingua Franca) corpus. The LAT toolkit is available at In case you have not used LAT before, your Haka account will first need to be activated in LAT. Send a request…

is a large electronic Finnish-English thesaurus. Version 2.0 is now available. Read more…

Publish information about your own corpus using META-SHARE
You can search for language resources with the European META-SHARE service and even register for creating the metadata for your own resources:

Report about language technology in Finland
The report ”The Finnish language in the digital age” compiled by the META-NORD project was published on 2nd Nov 2012. Read the book

Forthcoming events The European CLARIN ERIC was founded on 29th Feb 2012. CLARIN ERIC will take care of the international availability of language resources through a network of CLARIN centres. Finland will be joining in the near future. Read more…

Need to transcribe some speech? Version 4.5.0 of the ELAN annotation tool has just been released. Download page

It is now easier to deposit your own corpus to the Language Bank of Finland
You can inform us about a new language resource using an e-form.
FIN-CLARIN has also prepared a set of deposition agreement templates that may be used for depositing a language resource to be distributed by the Language Bank.

Exchange files with a reliable tool
FileSender now works in Funet. Login with your Haka account and send files of up to 50 GB.

Current collections of the Language Bank of Finland

FIN-CLARIN and the Language Bank of Finland wish you a Merry Christmas!

Mietta Lennes
Project Planner / FIN-CLARIN