News from the Language Bank of Finland, 3rd August 2017

Kielipankki Researchers of the Month

Will you be the next Researcher of the Month for Kielipankki?

Large English corpora now available via Korp

  • COCA, Corpus of Contemporary American English – Kielipankki Korp version 2017H1:
  • COHA, Corpus of Historical American English – Kielipankki Korp version 2017H1:
  • GloWbE, Corpus of Global Web-Based English – Kielipankki Korp version 2017H1:
  • In order to use the aforementioned corpora in Korp, you need to log in with a Finnish university account (i.e., from a FIN-CLARIN member organization).
  • Additionally, downloadable versions of the aforementioned corpora will soon be available. An individual permission will be required for downloading.

ScotsCorr also available in Korp

Introducing Mylly – ”The Mill”: a new service for processing and analyzing your material


FIN-CLARIN in the limelight


FIN-CLARIN and the Language Bank of Finland wish you a great indian summer!

Mietta Lennes
Project Coordinator / FIN-CLARIN