News from the Language Bank of Finland 13th March 2013

The Scientist’s User Interface (SUI) has been updated

The default character encoding in Hippu is now Unicode

  • The default character encoding on the application server Hippu at CSC used to be latin-15 for all users, including the users of the Language Bank of Finland. The default encoding has now been changed into en_US.UTF-8 (i.e., Unicode) for all Language Bank users. This should make the processing of text corpora easier. You may of course change your personal default settings if required. Instructions (in Finnish):


  • You can find detailed information about over 2000 language resources in the META-SHARE ”managing nodes” located in several different countries:
  • About one hundred language resources from Finland are already represented in META-SHARE. You can search for resources or register and start describing your own resources in the Finnish META-SHARE node, from which updated information will be incorporated into the ”managing” META-SHARE nodes:

Forthcoming courses in Finnish:

The collections and services of the Language Bank of Finland can now be found at

FIN-CLARIN and the Language Bank of Finland wish you a nice spring!

Mietta Lennes and Imre Bartis
Project Planners / FIN-CLARIN