Korp update

The Korp service at the Language Bank of Finland was updated to a newer version that is based on Språkbanken’s Korp version 5.0.10. New features, fixes and changes:

  • You can compile the statistics by more than one attribute.
  • You can choose the maximum number of rows in the word picture.
  • To download the KWIC result, choose the format from selection lists and then press the button Download KWIC. You can choose the logical and physical format separately where appropriate; for example, Annotations as Excel (XLS).
  • Such extended searches now work that combine repeating any word with a starts with, ends with or contains condition on another token.
  • Korp uses Kielipankki colours and font, and the Kielipankki symbol and logo are shown.

If a previously working feature no longer works or if you notice other bugs, please send a bug report via the Korp feedback form. The previous Korp version is still accessible at https://korp.csc.fi/old/.