Korp to be moved to another server on 10 December 2020

The Korp service will be moved to another server on 10 December 2020. The address of the Korp service will stay https://korp.csc.fi for the present.

The change of server does not cause a service break, and in general, the Korp service should work on the new server in the same way as previously. However, the word picture feature will work only for some corpora for several weeks. The new server will also be slower than the current one at least at first.

Please report other dysfunctions and errors either via the feedback form or by email to fin-clarin (at) helsinki.fi.

Moving Korp to a new server is an intermediate step in upgrading Korp to a more recent version. We will inform you about that in more detail later.

We apologize for the temporary degradation of the Korp service.