Korp service break and temporary degradation of service early in December 2020

For technical reasons, the Korp service will be moved to another
server early in December 2020. The Korp service will have a service
break of probably at most one day at short notice. We will try to keep
the break as short as possible, and we will inform you about it when
its exact date is known.

On the new server, Korp’s word picture feature will work only for some
corpora for several weeks. At first, the new server will probably be
slower than the current server. It is also possible that corpora
requiring personal access rights will not be in use immediately, but
if that happens, we will try to make them available as soon as

The address of the Korp service will stay https://korp.csc.fi for the

Moving Korp to a new server is an intermediate step in upgrading Korp
to a more recent version. We will inform you about that in more detail

We apologize for informing you so late about the service break and the
temporary degradation of the Korp service.