Korp moves to a new server at www.kielipankki.fi/korp

The Korp concordancing service in the Language Bank of Finland is moving to a new, faster server during 1-2 pm. on 7th February 2024. There will be a short service break.

After the change, Korp will be available via the new address https://www.kielipankki.fi/korp/. The old address https://korp.csc.fi will be automatically redirected to the new site.

The corpora offered via Korp will continue to be available via the new server. However, queries will be completed faster.

NB: At the moment, logging in to the new Korp (to access ACA or RES licensed corpora) may sometimes fail in case the complete address (www.kielipankki.fi/korp/) was not used for starting Korp. However, this issue will be fixed as soon as possible, and you should already be able to log in normally when using the link mentioned above.