Introducing: LAREINA project (funded by Business Finland)

An article presenting the LAREINA – Language Resource Infrastructure for AI (2023–25) project has been published on the website of the University of Helsinki. The LAREINA project is funded by Business Finland and implemented by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki as part of Tietoevry’s Veturi programme. The project involves companies and public sector organisations as partners.

The LAREINA project develops speech recognition and speech synthesis for Finnish, Finnish-Swedish and the Sámi languages. The project partners will test the components in different tasks and in areas such as call centres and machine translation. The LAREINA project aims to ensure that high-quality speech interfaces and speech-based AI services are also available for speakers of small languages.

The outputs of the LAREINA project will be published under an open licence, allowing also for commercial use, and they will also be available through the Language Bank of Finland – Kielipankki.

Read more about the LAREINA project on the University of Helsinki website: ”Speech-based AI services needed for small languages as well – researchers support companies in product development” (Published on 11.04.2024)

Visit the LAREINA project webpage: