Iijoki, the University of Oulu Päätalo Collection published in the Language Bank of Finland in the Korp concordancing tool


University of Oulu celebrates the 100th anniversary of the author Kalle Päätalo on 8.11.2019 by organizing a symposium Kalle Päätalo tutkijoiden silmin. On the same day, the Language Bank of Finland publishes the resource Iijoki, the University of Oulu Päätalo Collection  with the first version  Iijoki, the University of Oulu Päätalo collection, Kielipankki Korp version now available in the concordance tool Korp (korp.csc.fi) for research purposes.

Iijoki is the autobiographical series of works by the author Kalle Päätalo (11.11.1919-20.11.2000) where he describes his life from the 1910’s until the 1990’s. It comprises 26 works with almost 5.3 million tokens. The resource offers data for research on various dialects, pholonogy and morphology and different modes of language use, just to name some potential topics. In addition to linguistics and folklore studies, the resource is a source for various new research settings in several other fields. These include at least literary studies, history, medicine and nursing science – based solely on the papers presented in the symposium.

The publication of the corpus in the Language Bank of Finland has been made possible by Kalle Päätalo’s family Riitta Päätalo, Aliisa Oksanen and Emmi Oksanen, and Gummerus Publishers, on the initiative of University Lecturer Maija Saviniemi at the University of Oulu.

The version of Iijoki now published is also the first resource in the Language Bank of Finland that has been parsed with the Turku Neural Parser Pipeline developed by the Turku NLP group.

The corpus is published with the license ACA NC DEP described in more detail on http://urn.fi/urn:nbn:fi:lb-2019102105. The META-SHARE article contains an access location that leads directly to the Korp concordancing tool, and the researcher accepts the conditions of the license by logging in Korp with a personal account of the university or research institution.