Search Google Scholar for publications related to individual corpora

The Language Bank of Finland provides citation instructions for all corpus versions. The reference instructions are accessible from the Corpora list of the Language Bank of Finland (click on the double quotes ) and from the metadata of each corpus. On the reference instruction page, you can now also find a link to a Google Scholar query for publications related to the corpus in question.

The links to Google Scholar are generated automatically by the Language Bank of Finland. In the links, the persistent identifier (PID) and the title of the corpus are used as optional search criteria.

Persistent identifiers have been used by the Language Bank since the year 2014. A unique persistent identifier is included in the reference instructions for each corpus distributed via the Language Bank of Finland. The identifiers will allow for specific corpus versions (or at least information about their status) to be retrieved even if their access locations, tools and methods change in the future.

References to research data sets are equally relevant as references to other scientific sources. Accurate references will help other researchers replicate your study. In addition, both your publications and the data sets you used will gain more visibility.

Check out the citation instructions of your favourite corpus in the Language Bank of Finland and try searching for publications about it!