Suomi24 2001–2017: Corrected writer nickname information

The Suomi24 2001–2017 corpus has been updated to Korp version 1.1, in which writer nickname information has been corrected. The following modifications have been made to the corpus:

– All messages have the writer nickname information also in the years 2009–2012 and 2014, in which a large number of messages were previously completely missing a writer nickname.
– Writer nicknames now contain the characters ’, ” and & literally instead of ', " and &. (Search results may have shown these characters correctly, but they could not be searched for.)
– In the name of the corpus, 2017H2 has been replaced with the year range 2001–2017, which indicates the extent of the corpus more clearly. The full name of the corrected version of the corpus is The Suomi24 Sentences Corpus 2001–2017, Korp version 1.1, and it has a new persistent identifier: urn:nbn:fi:lb-2020021803.

The deficient writer nickname information of the previous corpus version is available in the Korp advanced search and Korp API as the attribute text_author_v1, but it is not shown in the sidebar and you cannot calculate statistics based on it. If you need to reproduce searches or results based on the writer nickname of the previous corpus version, please ask by email: fin-clarin (at)

We apologize for the deficiencies and thank the user who reported them.