Online Lexicon of Veps Language

This resource is offered by Kotus, Kotimaisten kielten keskus, the Institute for the Languages of Finland.

The resource contains the Online Lexicon of Veps Language from Lauri Kettunen’s (1885-1963) handwritten dictionary and notes. Kettunen travelled twice to Veps areas, in 1917-1918 and in 1934 with Lauri Posti and Paavo Siro.

The lexicon, which is based on the field notes, has been digitized.

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Online Lexicon of Veps Language
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Of this language corpus different versions/subcorpora are published in the Language Bank of Finland. The versions are available through the Language Bank Download Service and/or through the Korp concordance tool, or they are offered by another member organisation of FIN-CLARIN. The links to the different versions can be found from the list above.

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