Dictionary of Finnish Dialects

This resource is offered by Kotus, Kotimaisten kielten keskus, the Institute for the Languages of Finland. The purpose of the Dictionary of Finnish Dialects is to present the vocabulary of the Finnish dialects based on a large amount of data collected.

The first part of the dictionary, which was planned to contain 20 volumes, was published in 1985. By 2010 eight approximately 1000 pages long volumes were published. These volumes covered the words from the letter “a” to the word “kurvottaa”. In 2010, it was decided that the dictionary should be published from then on in an electronic form as an online service that can be used free of charge. The first part of the online dictionary (kus-kyntsöttää) was published in early 2012, after which the dictionary is to be enlarged with both new and already printed alphabetical parts about once a year. On 22 October 2014 the online dictionary was enlarged to contain the words from ”kala” to ”käävätä.”

The dictionary presents the entire vocabulary of all the Finnish dialects. It does not make a distinction based on whether the word is dialectal or standard / literary. Such a distinction would be to a certain degree impossible, since the vocabulary of standard Finnish is mostly based on the vocabulary of different Finnish dialects.

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