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The ONKI service contains Finnish and international ontologies, vocabularies and thesauri needed for publishing content cost-efficiently on the Semantic Web. ONKI is published and maintained by Semantic Computing Research Group SeCo. It is part of the on-going project to build a national semantic web infrastructure to Finland (FinnONTO).

The service offers various ontologies under different categories like:
– General upper ontology
– Museum artifacts
– Music
– Design
– Health
– Photography
– Agriculture
– Government
– Literature
– Linguistics
– Literary research
– Cultural research
– Economics
– Seafaring
– Military

All ontologies are being merged into one ontology covering all the categories called The Finnish Collaborative Holistic Ontology (KOKO).

Most of the ontologies are multilingual. In the General upper ontology the names of concepts are in Finnish, Swedish and English, while for example in the Linguistics ontology the languages used are Finnish, Swedish, English, German and Estonian.

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