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The quickest way to explore the Language Bank’s services is to try the Korp interface where many of our corpora are deposited and can be queried without logging in or applying for access rights of the language resources. Korp features e.g. the Suomi 24 discussion forum corpus that is interesting from the points of view of several digital humanities and social sciences.

Other good ways to begin are the Newspaper and Periodical Corpus of the National Library of Finland and the Plenary Sessions of the Parliament of Finland, which are also available for download in addition to Korp.

Introductory videos

Presentation in Tiedekulma (Think Corner) on 8.11.2016. The video includes English subtitles.
Poster of the Language Bank of Finland (Kielipankki)
A poster of the services offered by Kielipankki – the Language Bank of Finland and FIN-CLARIN

Roadshow events

Every year, the Language Bank of Finland is presented in Roadshow events that are organized at each of the member organizations of FIN-CLARIN. Come and see how you could use the services of the Language Bank in your research!

Roadshow schedule:



Presentations and examples from the roadshow in 2016–2017

Presentation of FIN-CLARIN and the Language Bank of Finland (from the 20th Jubilee Roadshow) Presentation of FIN-CLARIN and the Language Bank of Finland (pdf)
How to search for the words ”mieleni pahoitin” from the Suomi 24 Sentences corpus in Korp and show the trend diagram (no soundtrack)
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