Name of the tool

What does the tool do (in 1-2 sentences)? This can be, for instance, a brief description of the functionality available in Mylly.

This tool is [actively supported / under development / not supported] by the Language Bank of Finland.


A small fragment of 1) some valid input and 2) the resulting output. (Clean screenshots should be preferred where applicable.)

Input and parameters

Description of the requirements for valid input file(s). Description of how the parameters should be set.


Description of the potential restrictions of the tool: what is it not good/capable for? (to reduce user disappointment)

Version information

Name of the command-line tool(s) in CSC’s computing environment and information about the version(s) of the tool(s) that are applied. Provide URN link to META-SHARE whenever possible.

Additional information

Where can the user find further information? (e.g. HFST project website)

Related tools

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  • any related tools
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