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Information about the removal of the LAT version of this corpus in November 2020

Due to technical reasons, the LAT service ( will be discontinued in the Language Bank of Finland as of November 30, 2020. After this, the LAT version of this corpus will no longer be available. However, the content will be made available for download. In case you urgently need the downloadable data, please contact us.

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The corpus consists of…

Other details about the content and the terms and conditions regarding the different corpus versions are available in the corresponding metadata records.

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Privacy guidelines

Corpus XYZ contains personal data. When using the corpus, follow the personal data guidelines provided by the Language Bank of Finland. Below, you can find a description of the types of personal data that are included in the corpus as well as details on additional specific restrictions that you need to comply with when processing the personal data in question.

[This part should contain the description and corpus-specific restrictions regarding the processing of the personal data in the corpus, as stated by the data controller in the deposition license agreement.]

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