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The T-Bone Slim corpus consists of columns, poems and manuscripts by the Finnish-American writer T-Bone Slim (Matti V. Huhta, 1882-1942), published in newspapers, as well as the pamphlet ”Starving Amidst Too Much” (1923). The total number of texts is around 1500-2000, with the number of words in individual texts varying between 500 and 2000. The database also includes publication details and other background information on the texts in tabular form.

T-Bone Slim published his texts in the labour movement’s newspapers of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World). Original texts in English were published in the following magazines:
– Industrial Worker 1921–1942
– Solidarity 1921
– Truth 1921–1923
– Industrial Solidarity 1921–1932
– Industrial Pioneer 1925–1926; 1929
– One Big Union Monthly 1938 (1920?)

Finnish translations or texts originally written in Finnish were published in the following journals:
– Amerikan Sanomat 1903 (nimellä Mathew Houghton)
– Industrialisti 1921
– Tie Vapauteen 1923

The material comes from the following libraries and archives: the University of Michigan, Labadie Collection; Newberry Library, Minnesota Historical Society, Minnesota Digital Newspaper Hub; Walter Reuther Library, Wayne State University; Westmoreland family archives.

The collection is part of the Kone Foundation funded project ”T-Bone Slim and the transnational poetics of the migrant left in North America” (2022-2023).
Project homepage: https://blogs.helsinki.fi/tboneslim

Further details about the content and the terms and conditions regarding the different corpus versions are available in the corresponding metadata records.

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