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This is an overview of Fin-Clarin’s available language resources, grouped after resource families given by the CLARIN infrastructure.
The overview is organized alphabetically within the resource families. Each listed resource offers a link to its according META-SHARE article, where all relevant information can be found. Resource groups link to their respective resource group page in the portal.
For a corpus, which is not monolingual and written (default), the data type is marked in square brackets behind its name.


  • Corpora of academic texts
    • Corpus of Finnish Matriculation Examination Essays from 1994, 1999 and 2004
    • FinStud86 Corpus
    • Studentsvenska 79-80 Corpus
  • L2 learner corpora
    • CEFLING Project Corpus
    • DIALUKI: Diagnosing reading and writing in a second or foreign language
    • English as a Foreign Language Corpus
    • Studentsvenska 79-80 Corpus
    • International Corpus of Learner Finnish (ICLFI) Corpus
    • Testipiste Corpus
    • The Advanced Finnish Learners’ Corpus
    • The Hanken Corpus of Academic Writing
    • The Long Second Corpus
    • TAITO: Written and Oral Data of the TAITO-project
    • Topling – Paths in Second Language Acquisition
    • YKI National Certificates corpus
  • Multimodal corpora
    • A Multimodal Corpus of Tourist Brochures Produced by the City of Helsinki, Finland (1967-2008)
    • AI2D-RST: A multimodal corpus of 1000 primary school science diagrams
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