Resource-specific data protection terms and conditions (puhelahjat)


Title of Resource: Donate Speech Corpus (puhelahjat) 

Metadata: urn:nbn:fi:lb-2020090321 
License: urn:nbn:fi:lb-2022020223 

This page describes the specific conditions regarding the processing of the personal data in the Resource. In addition to these conditions, see the guidelines for processing personal data in the Language Bank of Finland. 

Controller of the data stored in the Language Bank of Finland 

University of Helsinki 
PO Box 3 
00014 University of Helsinki 
Phone: 02941 911 

For further details on the data protection of the resources in the Language Bank of Finland, please contact the helpdesk of the Language Bank. 

Data Protection Officer of the University of Helsinki 


Description of the personal data 

Types of personal data in the resource 

The original Resource consists of audio recordings of speech, technical metadata regarding the recording process, and answers that were voluntarily given by the speech donors to a set of non-mandatory background questions.  Each piece of recorded audio may also be supplemented with a transcript of the speech content and other descriptions and mark-up that may be created manually or automatically.

The recordings included in the Resource have not been edited with respect to their original content, although the technical format of the audio files may vary due to practical reasons. In some cases, the identity of the speaker may become evident either directly or indirectly, for instance due to their speaking voice or due to some of the content mentioned in the recording. However, the Resource may not be used for identifying speakers.

The technical metadata includes the following types of information:

  • the operating system and browser version that were used by the speech donor 
  • the technical resolution of the audio recording
  • the duration of the recording
  • the precise date and time of the recording
  • the numbers of the theme and topic, i.e., information regarding the stimuli provided to the speech donor, e.g., pictures, videos and instructions at which the speech recording was made.

The technical metadata have been collected and included in the Resource on a coarse level. It is not possible to reveal the identity of the speech donor or the user of the device on the basis of the technical information.

The background details provided by the speech donors include the following:

  • speaker’s own view of the dialect region that they represent (a closed list of coarsely defined alternatives, such as Uusimaa, Etelä-Savo, Satakunta etc.) 
  • sex of the speaker
  • mother tongue(s)
  • age group (in decades)
  • place of residence (free text) 
  • place of birth (free text), 
  • occupation (free text) 
  • level of education (selected from a closed list).

It is not possible to verify the correctness of the background information mentioned above. The speech donors may have chosen to skip background questions or to submit false information. The free text answers could be provided at the desired level of detail. In case speech was donated several times via the same device, the donor may have given several different answers to the same background questions.

Categories of data subjects 

The data subjects are volunteers who participated in the Donate Speech campaign (Lahjoita puhetta) by donating their speech and the background details of their choice.

Data protection terms and conditions 

In these data protection terms and conditions, End-User means the party acting as the Controller for the Resource received, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. Depending on the case and the purpose of Resource use, End-User may therefore mean the Language Bank user’s employer or organisation (e.g., a university, university of applied sciences or other research organisation) or the service user personally. 

The End-User understands that when receiving the Resources, it becomes a controller, as referred to in the data protection legislation. The End-User must ensure that it complies with the applicable data protection legislation when processing personal data. 

The purpose of use of personal data 

  • The Resource may only be used for the research purpose described in the research plan approved by the Controller.

Location and transfer of the personal data 

  • Personal data may not be processed outside the European Economic Area. 

  • In order to process the Resource outside the European Economic Area, a license may be granted only on the basis of a specific application. In that case, please contact the Language Bank of Finland. 

  • If the End-User processes personal data outside the European Economic Area, the Language Bank and the End-User shall put in place the safeguards required by Chapter V of the GDPR before the disclosure of the Resource to the End-User. The Language Bank has the right to refrain from transferring the Resource for processing outside the European Economic Area if it deems that such transfer in accordance with Chapter V of the GDPR is not possible by reasonable means.

Other conditions for data processing

  • The End-User shall not disclose or provide access to the Resource to any third party. Publication of the Resource is prohibited. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the End-User may transfer the Resource to its subcontractors or service providers that act as processors of personal data for purposes consistent with this agreement. When employing processors, the End-User shall comply with the requirements of data protection legislation regarding processors of personal data, and conclude an agreement on the processing of personal data in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR with the processors.

  • The processing of the Resource in cloud-based services aimed at consumers is prohibited.

  • The Resource shall not be used to identify speech donors. Recordings included in the Resource must not be combined with personal data available elsewhere, nor may recordings included in the Resource be compared to recordings available elsewhere to determine whether the speaker is the same person in both.

  • The End-User shall notify the Language Bank without undue delay if the Resource is subjected to a personal data breach which results in the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, transferred, stored, or otherwise processed personal data.

Obligation to notify

The End-User shall notify the Language Bank without delay if it identifies or suspect the presence of the following content in the Resource:

  1. Unauthorised, inaccurate, unnecessary or outdated personal data (such as direct identifiers, including names and contact details, information pertaining to the private life of individuals, rumours or defamatory speech),
  2. Unauthorised copies of works or other objects protected by copyright or related rights,
  3. Trade secrets,
  4. Data whose disclosure would constitute an offence against privacy, public peace or personal reputation (Chapter 24 of the Criminal Code of Finland), incitement to hatred or ethnic agitation (Sections 10 and 10a, Chapter 11 of the Criminal Code of Finland) or another offence, or
  5. Recordings where speech has been recorded without the speaker’s knowledge, or the recording has been started by accident.

The notification made by the End-User shall include information that enables the Language Bank to identify the relevant recording.

Updates to the Resource

The Language Bank may produce new versions of the Resource to ensure, for example, that the rights of data subjects in accordance with Data Protection Legislation are fulfilled and that there is no unlawful content in the Resource. When the Language Bank produces a new version of the Resource and notifies the contact person of the End-User by email, the End-User shall, without delay, delete the old version of the Resource and replace it with the new version. The End-User must submit a functional and valid email address to the Language Bank to which notifications of updates to the Resource are to be sent.

Publish a link to your Privacy Notice

When you start using this Resource, share the title of your project that is understandable to the general public as well as the link to the publicly available privacy notice by using this form. This information will be published on the website of the Language Bank of Finland. 


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